Shanghai Shuaijie Washing Machine Technology Co., Ltd.(China)
ChinaMon 24th September 2018

Shanghai Shuaijie washing machine Technology Co.,ltd is located infengxian dstrict,shanghai,and our company specializes in the production of producing all kinds of new green dry-cleaning equipment ,washing machine,automatic folding machine,ironing machine and various types high -level auxiliary ironing equipment.

Our cpmapny is one of the members of the chian commercial association,internationl washing industy association,China washing products and washing service enterprise development alliance,which has passed ISO9001:2000 international quanlity management system ahuthentication has 30000 square meters of modern standard factory building ,with modern production lines and high -tech equipment.

Since it established in1995,continuously introducing advanced technology and full set of modern large-scale processing equipment,hired a number of high -tech talent and constant innovation.In 2008,the company sucessfully developed the sisth generation of environmently -friendly full closed dry cleaning machines,recycling 95% effective,satisfaction with the quality of the top ten brands honor.

Our company's vison:To creat the first brand of dry-cleaning washing energy saving and environmental protecetion In China

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